A day to unleash your Radiant Wild Divinity

A Sacred Immersion

We journey deep in the cells of your body to contact the radiant light that lives within. Then we expand to become one with the universal light that lives infinitely beyond us.

When these two forces combine something brilliant begins to happen:

  • We remember that our origin and destination is love

  • Our energy pathway fill with light and our light body expands

  • We return our mind to peace and our body to pleasure

  • We release negative energy, cut cords with the unwanted and allow more of our ego to die

  • We venture into the mystery to meet the higher part of us that want to be embodied

  • We elevate our lives to live in the next level of our potential

A Remembrance, Awakening & Elevation.

And for many it will be a reset and return to what they deeply know and simultaneously long for.

What's Happening:

Filled with meditation, sacred movement, activations, group dynamics, sound journeys, soul family, the most delicious lunch and exceptional sound healer Tibirica.

  • You will be looked after head to toe, body to soul, heart to life.

  • We use the time of winter and the darkening days to go deeper into our truth and rebirth for a new cycle, new year and new light.

  • The day will act as a journey, ceremony and initiation.

  • The tools and exercises given are timeless and will serve you for a lifetime.

  • Expected the unexpected as you choose to become closer to your light, THE LIGHT.

Come Home

This is the day normal time stops, old timelines fall away and new light codes of your next cycle appear to embody.

Your Guides

Vanya Silverten & Tibirica Carvalho

Vanya Silverten has worked as a master energy healer and teacher for over decade. All of her work centres around helping you embody your soul's brilliance. Tibirica Carvalho helps reconnect people to themselves through the healing energy of sound and touch. Together they will create the space for you to journey back home to your magnificent light.

The day will weave the following exercises & more depending on group dynamics

Wear comfortable to move in and bring your adventurous spirit so we can can journey into new territories


    The Journey of Soul Incarnation. Activations, release work, cord cutting, meditations and embodiment exercises. Hunting the shadows and returning soul fragments. Ego death and Higher Self Aspecting work.


    Unlocking subconscious and energetic knots for light expansion.Incarnation of the light wheel - group dynamic.Disappearing to become the light exercise.


    The cosmology of the universe and your position at the centre of it. Kundalini Activation Session. Sound Journey with Tibirica

  • 4. THE BIRTH

    Inner Permission for Sovereign Wholeness. Eye Gazing for light Exercise. We close with a world healing for peace ceremony.

  • 5. THE LUNCH

    The day also incudes the most delicious vegan and vegetarian lunch cooked for you on premises. Please bring extra snacks and water bottle for your own self care.

Your Investment

We begin at our sEarly bird £111 until 25th November and then normal price £149

Location: Healing House, N22 8DH, London

When: Sunday 10th December 10AM - 6PM