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Eternal Youth is a conscious quest to feel vibrant, young, healthy and alive with an energy that urges you to live more. You may look in the mirror and feel tired, drained, exhausted and cluttered with lower vibrational and denser emotions that slow you down. There may be wrinkles, crinkles, sluggishness and gravity not being so kind with your skin. There may be a feeling of your body degenerating. Or a sense that time is against you or that there is never enough time to do and complete your life work. Time, gravity, density, your unprocessed emotions hook you into the past all tie together to create aging and internal death or lack of life. We may be mortal on one level, but our souls are IMMORTAL, there is an exquisite well of energy that exists with you and the universe around you that you can tap into now.

  • Move out of our time and understand the magic of multidimensional time where the past, present and future are all simultaneously existing as one living force.

  • Learn to have a new relationship with time so you complete your goals and have more time to live the life you love.

  • Release the baggage of your past, including out dated emotions/beliefs that lock you and your body in the lower vibrational reality of linear time.

  • Activate your DNA plus youth and vitality chromosomes to help move your body into regeneration.

  • Unhook from generational degeneration diseases and mindsets.

  • Release the eternal well of energy that lives inside your body.

  • Discover the sacred movement exercises that help you to defy gravity.

  • Explore ways that the cosmic forces of the universe can energise your body for eternal youth.

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Guided By Vanya Silverten

Transformation Energy Healer

Vanya Silverten is an international transformational energy healer with over 10 years experience. OK magazine has described her work as 'cathartic' and 'uplifting'. Through a mix of channelled messages, healing, activations, guidance and laser coaching you will be taken on a journey that will totally upgrade you. This masterclass is equivalent to a private 90min session valued at £750. This is the most affordable way I can upgrade you now. Are you ready for your next level?