In this monthly Enlightenment Masterclass

Within the intricate facets of my being, I am a radiant jewel, invaluable in the tapestry of existence, each facet reflecting the unique brilliance that makes me an irreplaceable treasure in the mosaic of life.

Recognising oneself as the most important person in the world is not an act of arrogance, but rather a foundational principle for a fulfilled and harmonious life. When we prioritise our own value, we cultivate a profound sense of self-respect and understanding. This self-valuation becomes a compass guiding our choices and actions, shaping every facet of our existence. It empowers us to set healthy boundaries, make decisions aligned with our authentic desires, and pursue goals that resonate with our true purpose. As we internalise our worth, relationships become more meaningful, professional endeavours more purposeful, and personal growth more profound. Valuing oneself is not a selfish act; it is the cornerstone of a life where love, success, and fulfilment naturally flourish.

In this 90min masterclass we honour you as the most valuable jewel and give you Diamond, emerald, sapphire and ruby codes to ensure you treat yourself as precious forever. You will:

In this masterclass we will cover...

  • Let go of the wounds that are keeping yourself as unworthy and claim yourself as valuable.

  • Discover the indestructible powers of diamond energy, the deep self love of emerald, the sovereign power of sapphire, and the revered status of the ruby. Together the codes of these gems activate and remind you of your brilliance.

  • Explore embodiment practices that ensure you value yourself to your core and radiate your worth to the world

  • Expect a life upgrade - includes meditation, upgrades, activations and more

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Guided By Vanya Silverten

Transformation Energy Healer

Vanya Silverten is an international transformational energy healer with over 10 years experience. OK magazine has described her work as 'cathartic' and 'uplifting'. Through a mix of channelled messages, healing, activations, guidance and laser coaching you will be taken on a journey that will totally upgrade you. This masterclass is equivalent to a private 90min session valued at £750. This is the most affordable way I can upgrade you now. Are you ready for your next level?

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