Sensual Enlightenment For A Woman Is:

Sensual Enlightenment is the ability for you to fall in love with yourself so much, that the divine universe is able to make love to you. It is through this path that a woman learns to become her own soul mate, where she dares to love herself more than anyone else can. It is a path where she claims her sexual energy as a sacred force. The cultivates it to move through her body, and out of her crown, so that she can connect to the heavens around her. Sensual Enlightenment is a path that encourages every woman to discover and honour her inner beauty, until it becomes her outer radiance. From this position a woman can feel empowered to shine her magnificence and bless life where ever she goes. Sensual Enlightenment teaches a woman to ignite all of her senses, so that she can fall in love with life so much that her body temple opens with ecstatic joy. Sensual Enlightenment is an embodiment of heaven in a woman’s body.

You Will Learn:

The four keys that make you a powerful, sensual and abundant woman.

  • Discover that self love is your greatest superpower.

  • Remember that you have the power to heal and transform all areas of your life.

  • Claim your sexual energy as a sacred source of rejuvenation for your life.

  • Learn to have a dynamic love affair of life so that you can live in abundance.

This is a woman's path of love.

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Unlock Your Female Body

In this masterclass you will discover the four keys that unlock the sensual magic of your female body. You will begin acknowledging that self love is your greatest super power. Through this process you will learn the skills to love all of your 'mud', so the flower which is your body can blossom. Your mud is the lower emotions like shame, guilt, anger and jealously that are stored in your body temple causing a trapped sensation. Next you will claim your sexual energy as a sacred force and learn to connect it to your heart. This is what I call the 'divine inner marriage' - the ultimate remedy that allows you to be your own soul mate. The last key teaches you how to have a dynamic love affair with life. How else will you experience heaven in your body?

About Your Instructor

Vanya Silverten

Vanya Silverten works internationally as an intuitive energy healer and teacher. With clients and students from over 50 countries, she has a passion to help individuals transform all aspects of their lives. She has worked with children, celebrities, athletes and royalty.  Her greatest joy is to teach people the skills of healing and intuition so that they can master their own lives. Vanya believes healing is an art, and so has refined her gifted intuition through the experience of treating, reading and teaching 15,000+ people. OK magazine has described her work as 'cathartic' and 'uplifting.' Vanya is a Master Theta Healer and has taught over 240 live courses in six different countries. She has developed the energetic understanding of how the body, mind and soul functions through her extensive training and experience. She passes this knowledge on by teaching and qualifying students to become practitioners of Theta Healing® & Soul Embodied Brilliance. Vanya is also a qualified Nutritional Therapist. She has studied and worked extensively with herbs, vitamins, homeopathy and Australian Bush Flower Essences. Vanya is experienced at helping her clients overcome food allergies and sensitivities, hormonal and nervous problems. She encourages vibrant health and well-being. Vanya has recently become a mother to a beautiful daughter. This life changing experience has deepened her appreciation of being a woman. To celebrate she has developed a system for women to reach heighten states of enlightenment in their body temples. Her latest #1 best selling book Sacred Revolution and her Sensual Enlightenment Academy are a must for every woman.


“This course changed my life - it showed me how I could be powerful without having to be masculine. It proved to me that femininity can be formidable, magical and healing. I was relieved to discover that as a modern day women, you can let success and opportunity flow to you and that you don't have to go out chasing and competing for it. It was rewarding to learn that just as I am, I am worthy of love and that I can live the life of my dreams, just by being me.”

Sarah Morris

“Vanya's living goddess course is a portal for awakening the innate power of your sexuality and embracing yourself as the goddess that you are. Vanya is the embodiment of sensual, divine feminine energy and she effortlessly guides you into peeling back the layers that block you from stepping into your womanhood and activating the gift of your sexual energy. If you're ready to empower yourself and to channel your sexual energy for your own healing then this course is for you! ”

Nyasha Mangera - Lakew

“I feel love expanding inside of me, in my heart, my entire body is glowing with radiant energy. I feel so sacred, precious, unique and special. I'm on the higher vibration of love and my body and my heart are vibrating out LOVE. I'm so very thankful for this course and I can't wait to learn more and more... Bless you !!! :)”

Donatella Battistella

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