This is just the beginning of a NEW YOU......

Revolutionary Woman 1:1 Transformation


IGNITE YOUR SOUL'S RADIANCE: This is a potent container of 1:1 private sessions specifically tailored to your needs. Designed to transform your entire identity so that you can truly live in alignment with your soul purpose.  A deeply cathartic process where we strip away what no longer works and ignite your truth to unapologetically shine into the world. You will go from invisible to visible - limited to limitless.  We will also have the time to craft out and implement new life strategies that create the abundance and luxury you deserve.  This program will make you feel beautiful inside out and powerful to laser a new life path. You are, after all, a Revolutionary Woman who can earn money with your true soul's message.

Sensual Enlightenment Academy


WAKE UP THE SENSUAL MAGIC OF YOUR FEMALE BODY TEMPLE: If however, you are still needing to heal from past relationships, release past traumas, live without eating disorders or body shame, move out of being single and become magnetic to attract lasting love. If you would like to claim your sexual energy as a sacred force that beautifies your life, feel super orgasmic plus vibrant with a strong sense of power and presence then Sensual Enlightenment Online Academy is for you.